Aesgaard occupied an area in the far north of the Hyborian world. Along with its western neighbor, Vanaheim, it formed the region called Nordheim.[6]

The terrain of Aesgaard comprised three separate zones:

  • The southern lowlands were forested areas.
  • The central areas contained a sizable tundra.
  • The northernmost areas were mountainous and permanently covered in snow.

Aesgaard was unsuitable for agriculture; however, local species such as the musk ox, the mammoth, the moose, and the snow bear provided sustenance to the local tribes.

The local population were called Aesir. They were typically blonde-haired and blue-eyed. They were fierce warriors, though with a taste for nocturnal revelry. They were not unified politically, as each tribe had its own leader. They were a nation, however, through sharing the same culture and religion. Their supreme deity was Ymir. The Aesir maintained hereditary enmity with the Vanir and the Hyperboreans, while they maintained a long-standing informal alliance with the Cimmerians.[6]

Following the path told to them by Maheeva, Conan and Veden Kamal climbing beyond the tip of Aesgaard over the frozen mountains to reach the Valley of Eternal Darkness and retrieve the Jewelled Sword of Tem.[7]

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  • Aesgaard is a variant spelling of Asgard used by Marvel Comics,[8] used to distinguish it from the mythological Asgard.[9]

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