Aesklos was a Demon who worked for Surisha and consumed the life forces of humans in order for her to remain her youth. On one such attack on Richard Diaz he was observed by Tigra. After Diaz's death Aesklos escaped from Tigra and returned to his master. Later he killed Brock Hunter, and this time Tigra managed to follow him back to Surisha. While Surisha was confronted by Tigra, Aesklos was sent back to Earth and began feeding on the soul of Louis Edwards. Surisha summoned Aesklos back to before he could consume Louis but Aesklos attacked Surisha and consumed her instead of Tigra as he sensed weakness in her and was overcome by basic predatory instincts. Due to the symbiotic nature of there bond, Aeskload died as well.[1]


Aesklos could suck the life-force from a human and transfer it to his master, Surisha.

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