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Afghulistan was a country located in the southwestern region of the Himelians, to the north of the lands of Kosala and Vendhya.[1][verification needed]

The area received its name from its dominant tribal group, the Afghulis. They were traditionally outlaws who preyed on trade caravans and other travelers. They had a reputation of being fierce fighters and had resisted attempts of larger nations to annex them. The "perilous road to Afghulistan" became proverbial in the Hyborian world.[1][verification needed]

The wider Himelian region contained a large number of tribal confederations with similar cultural features, such as the Galzai, the Wazuli, the Zhaibari, and the Khuraksai. The Afghulis themselves were simply better known to the Hyborians.[1][verification needed]


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