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Agamotto's Dimension is a mystic realm inhabited and controlled by Agamotto the All-Seeing, a very powerful mystic principality. It is a pocket dimension that exists outside of (and possibly adjacent to) the Earth dimension. Although Agamotto can observe events throughout the Multiverse from his realm, neither he nor it are multiversal in nature.

Agamotto's dimension has been described as a "realm of unreality" and is a place where Earthly physical laws do not necessarily apply. Its unreality can and has been influenced by the subconscious minds of visitors from outside.[2]



The origin of this realm has not been revealed. It might have have been created by Agamotto himself or it might have been a pre-existing realm that Agamotto merely found and claimed for himself.

Modern Era[]

After giving the Eye of Agamotto to his disciple, Stephen Strange, the Ancient One reclaimed the Amulet of Agamotto and returned it to Agamotto who chose to keep in in his realm.[3]¨¨

Years later, when Doctor Strange was Earth`s Sorcerer Supreme, he became the first person known to have visited this realm in recent years. After being mortally wounded by an enchanted knife wielded in a surprise attack by Silver Dagger, Strange attempted to use the Orb of Agamotto to maintain his life but in doing so he inadvertently opened himself too completely to unreality and the Orb reacted by extending tentacles that grabbed Strange and seemingly pulled him into the Orb. Strange soon found himself in an alien world and, since he appeared to be present in his physical form, was unaware of the fact that the Orb had acted as a portal through which only his soul had been pulled. As the realm reacted to Strange's memories of reading Alice in Wonderland, Agamotto chose to appear to his visitor in a giant form of the talking Caterpillar from that book, sitting on a huge mushroom and smoking a hookah. Not revealing his true identity, Agamotto told Strange that he was in a world where nothing was real, that he was not dead or in the afterlife, and that he could not get out. When Strange rejected that idea and tried to leave, the Caterpillar assumed a more monstrous form and attacked him. During the resulting battle, Agamotto revealed how and why Strange had been brought there, that he could not return to the life he had left, and that as he remained there he would merge with their unreality. When Strange fought back, the Caterpillar assured him that death was the best he could achieve there before Strange seemingly destroyed him. When Strange then pondered the idea that death was unreal there, too, Agamotto corrected him, saying that death was real for real beings, and then reappeared in his peaceful Caterpillar form to tell Strange that, if he was determined to check out, then he might as well head for the center of the Orb, the place where everything came together, because the furthest inside was the closest to the outside. Once Strange departed, the Caterpillar faded away while stating that he would keep his eyes on him.[4]

While trying to find the center of the Orb, Strange was attacked by a Soul-Eater who seemingly sucked his astral body from his physical form and into its guts. Strange's soul managed to incapacitate the monster, freeing both himself and the other souls that had been held captive within. Strange's soul then met a being who seemed to be the Silver Surfer but quickly realized that the entity, although friendly, was actually an image of the Orb cast in the mold of his memories. Discovering that his physical form had wandered off, Strange's soul and the Surfer tracked it to the castle of the White Queen where the soul found his body sitting at a table in the middle of a tea party being held by knights who appeared to be identical to some of Strange's friends and allies. After reuniting his soul with his body and meeting the White Queen, a being who was the image of the Valkyrie, Strange tried to leave but this provoked the knights into trying to murder him. After subduing them, Strange was informed that he was the only one present who had a soul and thus was the only one who had a choice. This revelation caused Strange to realize that his real foe had always been Death. When he resolved to continue on to the center of the Orb and confront Death, the White Queen gave him her stallion, a duplicate of Aragorn, because he now knew the way.[5]

Strange's journey was temporarily delayed when Death tried to trap him in the memory of how he had first met Clea but he managed to break free and continue.[6]

Arriving at a land called the Domain of the Dying, Strange met a being who claimed to be Famine (of the Four Horsemen) and soon encountered beings who longed for death but could not die. When they pointed the way to a shimmering haze, Strange and Aragorn passed through it and found themselves in the void of space. Aragorn soon became a skeleton when a meteorite struck his hoof and then Death appeared to Strange and revealed that he had now resumed dying. Death soon confirmed that Strange had returned to the real universe where everything dies and this led to him surrendering to Death while giving up his fear of death. As a result, Doctor Strange died but then met the Ancient One who confirmed that he was dead on his plane of existence but that he would be reborn into his realm and would no longer age.[7]

Having triumphed over the perils he had found within the Orb, Strange's soul was returned to the Earthly plane through the Eye of Agamotto and, after freeing Clea from Silver Dagger, returned to his body which had been in an inert state, neither dead nor alive, while his soul had been in the Orb. Once restored to life as a living man, Doctor Strange was able to defeat Silver Dagger by using the Eye to force him to understand his insane obsession. When the unreality of his life attracted Agamotto, the glow from the enlarged Eye swept out and pulled Silver Dagger, body and soul, into Agamotto's realm of unreality where he was soon engaged in a most engrossing dialogue with the Caterpillar.[1]

Silver Dagger remain trapped in the ream within the Orb until an influx of a demon race's eldritch lore gave him the knowledge he needed to command the Orb.[8] He was then able to reach out from the Orb and mystically enslave Marie Laveau, the Witch-Queen of New Orleans, to his will and force her to participate in his plans.[9] Silver Dagger then used the Orb to attack Strange and Clea, tearing Clea's soul from her body and bringing it to the realm of unreality inside the Orb. As Silver Dagger had planned, Strange traveled to New Orleans with his allies, Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel. Once there, they soon encountered Marie Laveau who claimed to be a friend and revealed that Silver Dagger was responsible. When Strange used the Eye, he was shown a vision of a bound Clea being dragged to stake where Silver Dagger intended to burn her to death by fire. Now strongly motivated, Strange agreed to allow Marie Laveau to help him acquire the lore needed to save Clea from the Shiatra Book of the Damned.[8] However, after traveling to the Astral Plane and ensuring that Strange was distracted by his reading of that lore, Marie Laveau sprang a trap by casting a spell of transference that returned Silver Dagger to Earth while sending Strange's astral form into the Orb. After a brief encounter with the Caterpillar caused him to realize where he was, Strange sped to the White Queen's castle to try to save Clea from being killed. Strange failed but Clea, instead of dying, was transformed into the fiery and powerful demon she would have been if she had been raised as the daughter of her then-unknown mother, Umar. While Strange battled demon-Clea within the Orb, Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel fought against Silver Dagger on Earth. Just as Strange was about to lose to demon-Clea, Silver Dagger caused Spider-Man to be dragged, body and soul, into the Orb. His presence within the Orb caused his mind to impose his New York City reality on the realm, distracting demon-Clea so that Strange was now able to simply overpower her. Once Marie Laveau seized her chance to (literally) stab Silver Dagger in the back, he was defeated, enabling Strange's soul to exit the Orb, bringing Spider-Man with him. With his soul and body now reunited, Strange transported the Orb and all involved to his Sanctum Sanctorum where he removed Clea's soul from the Orb and restored it to her body. Since Silver Dagger had been mortally wounded and Strange was too weak to heal him, he was returned to the Orb because it was the only prison that Strange knew could hold him.[9].

At some point, Strange discovered that Agamotto`s dimension was not actually within the Orb of Agamotto.

Later, when imprisoned in a Satanic globe within the Hell ruled by Mephisto, Strange realized that the only way he could escape was by using the Eye of Agamotto enter Agamotto's Dimension. Once there, he was greeted by the Caterpillar[10] who soon revealed that he was actually Agamotto and always had been. However, after recapping the current situation on Earth, Agamotto objected when Strange voiced his intent to return there to save his world from being destroyed by the imminent battle between Mephisto and Satannish, and transformed into a Bug-Eyed Monster form to stop Strange. The two of them battled, with Strange being completely outmatched, until he managed to place a mystic aura around Agamotto's hookah and threatened to crush it. Since the pipe was actually his irreplaceable Omni-Visor, Agamotto stopped fighting and transformed back into his peaceful Caterpillar form. When Strange spoke of how hard it would be for him to defeat the two demons without most of his talismans, including the Orb, Agamotto returned the Orb to him and revealed that he had zapped it to his dimension as soon as he had felt Strange trying to destroy it. Agamotto then revealed that the other supposedly-destroyed talismans were also there, under the astral-turf, and allowed Strange to have them back. At Strange's request, Agamotto showed him the way to the egress and Strange was soon approaching the exit. However, before Strange left that dimension, Silver Dagger, for reasons of his own, mystically plucked out his own left eye and implanted it within the empty socket where Strange's left eye had been.[11]

However, Silver Dagger's seemingly-altruistic act had been part of a ruse. He soon used his now-empty eye socket as a hiding place for the Amulet of Agamotto which he stole just before escaping to Earth. When he eventually tried to get his left eye back from Strange, the two of them battled using the two amulets until Strange, with help from Clea, was able to defeat and imprison Silver Dagger. As soon as that happened, Agamotto appeared on Earth, revealed that he had allowed Silver Dagger to steal the Amulet as a test, and removed the Amulet from Silver Dagger's skull before transporting them both back to his dimension to resume their stimulating philosophical debates.[3]

Later, angered when Strange allowed Galactus to tamper with the Eye in order to locate the unknown force that was keeping Eternity in a catatonic state, Agamotto pulled Strange and all three of his talismans into his dimension. Knowing the peril that his universe was facing, Strange tried to escape with the talismans and, when that failed, he managed to pull Galactus and his starship into that dimension. The two powerful beings then began battling each other and Strange was forced to summon both Hoggoth and Oshtur to intervene. Once they arrived, the other two-thirds of the Vishanti convinced Agamotto to stop fighting Galactus and allow he and Strange to depart. Agamotto then did allow them to leave and take all three talismans with them.[12]

At one point, Agamotto, while posing as the Ancient One, appeared to be operating out of a realm known as the Light Dimension.[13]



  • Although Doctor Strange initially believed that the "realm of unreality" was located within the Orb of Agamotto, he eventually discovered that it existed as its own separate dimension, and that the Orb and the Eye had really only functioned as portals to that realm. Exactly how he discovered that fact has not been revealed.
  • The environment of this realm can be affected by the presence of beings from the "real" world:
    • Doctor Strange's childhood fondness for Alice in Wonderland caused some of the unreality to take on forms from that book. Strange's memories of certain friends and allies were also manifested in physical form as seeming duplicates of those beings. However, all of them lacked a soul, causing some of them to behave in a murderous and unpredictable manner.
    • After Clea's soul was trapped within that realm and had been transformed into a demon-Clea form, the environment around her began to take on aspects of her home reality, the Dark Dimension.
    • When Spider-Man was pulled into that realm, Peter Parker's reality, New York City, began to impose itself on Clea's reality, causing duplicates of some of his friends and enemies to appear out of nowhere.
  • Beings can enter Agamotto's Dimension either as whole beings or just as souls. Since souls can assume a tangible form within that realm, they may not realize that they are only present as souls. Even Doctor Strange spent his entire first visit to that dimension believing that he was completely there and only learned differently after he had died and his soul had returned to the Earthly plane to find that his physical body had been there all along, in a state that was neither alive nor dead, since his soul had entered the Orb.
  • Agamotto can seemingly pull anyone and anything into his dimension, at least if they are in proximity to one of his talismans. Hoggoth and Oshtur can travel there under their own power. Lesser beings can use either the Orb or the Eye as portals through which they (or just their souls) can enter the dimension, but can do so accidentally.
  • Agamotto once complained about getting bored stiff in his dimension all by his lonesome.[11].
  • A battle between powerful beings within Agamotto's Dimension can generate mystic vibrations that can wreak havoc with other dimensions, including those of Hoggoth and Oshtur.[12]

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