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According to legend, Agamotto emerged from the tear of Oshtur, benevolent Elder Goddess of Earth, as she was moved by the unyielding joy of a blind boy, circa 25,000 BC,[6] though it is now known that Agamotto was born before the Elder Gods were expelled from Earth,[7] and was already an adult and the Sorcerer Supreme during the Stone Age, in 1,000,000 BC.[8] He was born a mortal[9] (but not a human).[10]

Early years[]

His childhood was marked by an insatiable curiosity and a hunger for knowledge, much to the delight of his mother, Oshtur. He bombarded her with countless questions every day, spanning various disciplines from history to sorcery. Oshtur, always ready with answers, cherished the time spent watching her son grow and learn alongside her. As Agamotto matured, Oshtur made the decision to venture beyond Earth's confines to explore other dimensions, leaving Agamotto to find his own path. Despite his longing for her return, Agamotto eventually resolved to seek her out himself. Sitting beneath the shade of the old acacia tree where they often conversed, he delved deep into his memories, hoping to uncover clues to Oshtur's whereabouts. Through this introspective journey, Agamotto stumbled upon the rudiments of what would later be known as the First Form of Magic, the Arcanum Ego, and embarked on what became recognized as the First Path of Power, or the Lapis Pass. At the culmination of this path, the mystical artifact now known as the Eye of Agamotto materialized, guiding him further along his quest.

Convinced that Oshtur had intended for him to forge his own destiny, Agamotto envisioned himself through his mother's eyes, gaining a newfound understanding of his own inner strength. Opening his eyes, he was met with the manifestation of the Eye of Power, empowering him with expanded vision but offering no sign of Oshtur. Undeterred, Agamotto embarked on a seven-year journey across the globe, tapping into the teachings of his aunt Gaea to master the Arcanum Eco, or Ecocentric magic. Along the way, he uncovered the Orb of Agamotto, or the Eye of Prescience, yet still found no trace of Oshtur on Earth. Realizing the illusory nature of time and space, Agamotto laughed in revelation at the old acacia tree. Embracing the vastness of the cosmos, he ventured into space, where tranquillity enveloped him, and he relinquished his quest. In this moment of surrender, the Eye of Agamotto, or the Eye of Truth, was born, unveiling the mysteries that had eluded him.[11]

He was initially tutored by Oshtur, and his subsequent journey to discover the secrets of magic and find Oshtur led to the formation of the paths of magic power. Agamotto also served as Earth's first Sorcerer Supreme, defending it and its reality against such threats as Dormammu[12] and the Fallen alongside other powerful beings assembled as the Stone Age Avengers.[8]

Agamotto (Earth-616) from Avengers Assemble Omega Vol 1 1 001

The three Eyes of Agamotto

Agamotto created a number of magical artifacts, including three Eyes of Agamotto. He originally only had one, until he lost both his eyes to Doom Supreme,[13] and so he created two more Eyes.[14] The Eye of Agamotto (Knowledge) and the Orb of Agamotto were used by Doctor Strange.[15] Agamotto is also credited with the creation of the Book of the Vishanti.[16]

The fourth Ring of Raggadorr was freed from the Dungeons of Dyzakk by Agamotto during his travels throughout the dimensions.[17]

At some point, he became one of the few mortals sorcerers, such as Watoomb, to become a principality, a higher being invoked for power.[9]

Upon his passing, he joined his mother and Hoggoth to form the Vishanti.[7]

Modern days[]

Agamotto and the Vishanti were worshiped at the Temple of the Three.[18] His avatar was Cadaver, the Pale Horseman.[19] Doctor Druid was forced to unmake Agamotto's Moebius Stone, but not before it transformed Cody Fleisch into Cadaver, Agamotto's agent.[20]

During the War of the Seven Spheres, the Vishanti battled their rivals, the Trinity of Ashes. Despite an initial refusal, Doctor Strange was enlisted to serve them in the war. After their victory, he was returned to Earth.[21][22]

Agamotto's appearance varied when he was encountered in his realm. He was known to appear to Doctor Strange as a caterpillar smoking a pipe in a realm that appeared to be out of Alice in Wonderland, capable of human speech and was not intimidated by Galactus. He is actually the entire dimension itself, as was why Galactus was unable to destroy him permanently. During a quarrel with Galactus, he assumed a more menacing version of the same form.[23]

When Silver Dagger was placed into the dimension, Agamotto tried to convince him to stay. Silver Dagger eventually escaped. This was later revealed to be a ploy by Agamotto to see if Silver could change when in possession of an old version of the Eye Of Agamotto.[24]

Heroic Age[]

Agamotto (Earth-616) from New Avengers Vol 2 5 0001

Astral Form

Agamotto was behind the demonic invasion of earth as he saw the previous Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange, as a failure and the current one, Jericho Drumm, as inexperienced. He first appeared to Iron Fist after possessing him and dragging him to the spirit realm. Using the guise of the Ancient One, he convinced Rand that Dr. Strange had stolen the Eye of Agamotto and was unworthy of it. After a brief fight, Iron Fist realized he has been tricked. Agamotto then appeared as a tiger, but he changed back into his true form, then possessing the New Avengers to attack Strange. Doctor Voodoo arrived and freed the New Avengers and eventually sacrificed his life to kill Agamotto by destroying the eye and orb of Agamotto.[25]

Despite his death, however, Agamotto still has a mystical connection to Iron Fist, whom he previously trapped in his dimension when his power possessed Iron Fist in interfering with the Immortal Weapons mission in closing the gate to the Eighth City until War Machine knocked Iron Fist out.[26] Gwenpool claimed Agamotto gave her her magic rocket launcher.[27]

Strange Academy[]

Eventually, Agamotto returned to life through unknown means and later reappeared with Oshtur to talk to Drumm about Hoggoth’s situation.[5]


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As the Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe, and the spawn of an Elder God of Earth, a realm where magic appears especially attuned, Agamotto possesses extremely powerful magical abilities, which he can channel to certain mystics, mainly the Sorcerer Supreme of the mainstream Earth dimension, sufficient in strength for him to usually defend his reality. Agamotto has held his own against entities of such power as Dormammu. In his own realm, he was able to fight Galactus.[23] Agamotto specializes in divination and truth, such as the Eye of Agamotto's all-revealing light. Despite this, he and the other members of the Vishanti are not fully "all-knowing" unless all three are together.[23] Such is the magical potency of Agamotto that the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange, was unable to banish him back to his own realm, even when invoking the united strength of Dormammu, Cyttorak, Watoomb, Raggadorr, Denak, the Seraphim, the Faltine, Ikonn, and Valtorr to fuel the spell. Agamotto is even capable of resurrecting others, as he did to Cadaver, as well as opening time portals.

  • Magical Manipulation: Agamotto is one of the three mystical entities known as the Vishanti. He created some of magical artifacts used by the Sorcerer Supreme such as Dr. Strange and Doctor Voodoo. Agamotto can create and manipulate magical attacks.
  • Shapeshifting: Agamotto can shapeshift into other creatures or entities.




Agamotto's "pipe" is actually a powerful magical artifact that assists Agamotto with his magics. He is also in some way powerfully linked to the Orb of Agamotto and the Eye of Agamotto, able to recall them across dimensions from even the grasp of a Sorcerer Supreme at whim.

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