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Unable to accept the death of his son Agar, Gorr instinctively created a construct modelled after him using All-Black the Necrosword. The construct spent over 900 years on the Black World of Gorr making sure that the gods they had enslaved worked on his father's ultimate weapon, the Godbomb. During this time, Agar came across a younger version of Thor, who was brought there by his father to put him to work on the bomb.[1]

Following Gorr killing the construct of Arra after she called him a god, "Agar" aided Thor the Avenger, asking him to promise to put Gorr out of his misery.[2] Upon Gorr's defeat, the facsimile reprimanded him over the death of "his" mother, saying it was Gorr's fault, not the gods', before transforming into a rough blade made of living abyss, revealing its true identity. All-Father Thor noted that rather than being a true facsimile of Gorr's son, Agar embodied Gorr's repressed self-loathing at having become the very thing he hated.[3]



Due to being an offshoot of All-Black, Agar was able to form tendrils of living abyss, which he used to attack Young Thor.[1]

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