Agar was the son of Gorr, the God Butcher, who died of starvation and heat stroke some time after his mother's death during a fight between two gods.[1]

Agar (Earth-616) from Thor God of Thunder Vol 1 8 0001

Agar's construct.

Unable to accept the death of his son, Gorr instinctively created a facsimile of the boy as a construct through All-Black the Necrosword, which stayed with him until shortly before his death. He spent over 900 years on the planet making sure that the gods they have enslaved worked on his father's ultimate weapon, the God Bomb. During this time, Agar came across a younger version of the God of Thunder, Thor who was brought there by his father to put him to work on the bomb.[2] Upon the defeat of Gorr, the facsimile reprimanded him over the death of "his" mother, saying it was Gorr's fault, not the gods', before melting into shadows, revealing its true identity.[3]

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