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Agatha Harkness was a powerful sorceress of the Salem coven of witches, who her mother Evanora was the leader of. In 1693, the coven put her on trial for practicing dark magic and magic that was above her rank. While initially pleading remorseful and innocent, Agatha quickly used her dark magic against her coven when her mother said that there was no hope that she'd change for the better. She drained the magic power and life energy from her coven, even her mother, then fled Salem.[1]

At some point, Agatha gained possession of the Darkhold, the "Book of the Damned," which she studied rigorously.[2]

Westview Anomaly

In 2023, Agatha sensed a concentration of magical power being performed in Westview, New Jersey. She went to investigate and discovered that the whole town had been put under a multitude of spells all active and interacting with each other at once. She discovered that the source of all this magic was Avenger Wanda Maximoff, who wasn't even a witch, which piqued Agatha's interest.[1]

With Wanda having transformed Westview into a sitcom reality, Agatha gave herself the role of "Agnes the Nosy Neighbor" in order to investigate.[3] She got close to Wanda by helping her with what was supposed to be her anniversary dinner with her husband Vision.[4] She later helped Wanda integrate herself better into town by introducing her to the other women in town.[5]

Agatha released "Herb" from Wanda's spell in order to make Vision suspicious of Westview's reality.[6] She later intentionally broke character herself in front of Vision in order for him to question further, which would drive a rift between him and Wanda. Meanwhile, Agatha discovered that Wanda had the ability to spontaneously create life within her reality, as she had given birth to twins, who had rapidly aged up to 10 years old. One of the twins, Tommy, even suggested that Wanda could bring back the dead. Hearing this, Agatha decided to emotionally manipulate Wanda further by mind-controlling Ralph Bohner into pretending to be Wanda's dead brother Pietro.[7]

While Wanda was busy getting to know the fake Pietro, Agatha manipulated the suspicious Vision into exiting the barrier of Westview. Vision nearly dematerialized upon exiting Westview, which caused Wanda to rapidly expand the borders of her reality.[8] Drained from dispensing so much energy, Wanda asked Agatha to babysit her twins the next day. Agatha used this opportunity to lure the weakened Wanda into a rune trap within her basement and finally reveal to her who she really was.[3]

Scarlet Witch

Agatha was baffled that Wanda could be such a powerful witch without knowing any of the fundamental spells. She wanted to discover the source behind Wanda's power, so she took a trip with Wanda through her memories. Agatha discovered that Wanda already could cast probability spells at a young age, without being remotely aware. Going through Wanda's past, Agatha came to the conclusion that Wanda was a powerful wielder of chaos magic, which could only mean that she was the legendary Scarlet Witch,[1] a powerful witch mentioned in the Darkhold to have no need of a coven or basic knowledge of witchcraft.

She attempted to drain Wanda of her power, but Wanda used Agatha's own rune spell against her. Wanda decided that Agatha was too knowledgeable in magic to be eliminated, so she decided to lock Agatha within her role of "Agnes the Nosy Neighbor" until Wanda would have use for her again.[2]



Agatha Harkness (Earth-199999) from WandaVision Season 1 8 001.png
  • Sorcery: Agatha Harkness is a powerful sorceress capable of manipulating mystical energy for a variety of effects, such as casting spells. Her mystic power manifests as purple energy.[3]
    • Spellcasting: Harkness have a vast knowledge about many spells, she used it for many feats, like controlling minds, casting illusions, travel through the memory of her victims, imprisoning people inside a cursed basement and more.
      • Protection Spell: She was able to cast a protection spell through mystical runes, placed in a circle formation in the walls of her basement, where only the witch who cast them can use her magic in that given space.[2]
      • Possession Spell: Agatha used a cursed necklace to have full control over Ralph Bohner, controlling his acts, his words and his behavior, and using him as her eyes and ears, with the intention to spy and take information from Wanda. [3]
      • Power-Bestowment Spell: Agatha probably used the same necklace to enchant Ralph, but also to give him the same Superhuman Speed and Strength powers like Pietro has.[8]
    • Telekinesis: Harkness was able to close a door with a single movement of her fingers.[3]. She was capable of binding and levitate Wanda and throw her on the walls, as she made with the cops too, levitating them off the ground and leaving them fall down. After conjuring the Darkhold, Agatha was able to browse the pages about the Scarlet Witch inside it without physically touching the book. [1] [2]
    • Telepathy: Agatha showed that she was able of many feats in mind control, being capable to access the mind of many people in the same time, and being immune against strong telepathic intrusions.
      • Telepathic Manipulation: Agatha can easily control minds with a quick incantation, and a victim with feeble psyche, as she manipulated the behavior of a single cicada. She was able to make Herb, her neighbor, go along with her plan in confusing Vision.[3]. Agatha also was able to control Ralph Bohner to impersonate Pietro through a cursed necklace, and also release almost all WestView residents from Wanda mind control.[2]
      • Telepathic Immunity: Agatha is immune to telepathic intrusion, as Billy Maximoff is unable to sense her thoughts.[3] Under Agatha's basement Wanda wasn't able to use her telepathic power on Agatha due to the protection runes, in a further moment of the battle, Wanda tried to put Agatha in some telepathic illusions about her past, but Agatha was able to turn the illusions against Wanda.
      • Memory Sharing: Agatha showed to Wanda through Telepathy her story in Salem, and how she killed her mother and the other witches of her coven. [3]
      • Memory Access: Agatha used a spell to access the most important memories of Wanda till find out how Wanda was powerful enough to alter the entire reality inside WestView.[1]
    • Power Stealing: Harkness was able to absorb the power of several magical members of her coven, including her own mother. Harkness was able to absorb the Chaos Magic from Wanda while she was attacking her.
    • Flight: Harkness arrived flying to Westview.[3]
    • Transmutation: Harkness was able to change her appearance and witch costume for that of a normal neighbor, and transform a single cicada into a bird.[1]
    • Teleportation: Agatha was able to go from a place to other through teleportation, she used this ability to dodge a car hurled by Wanda, and reach the center of WestView before Wanda do it so. [2]
    • Conjuration: Agatha was able to conjure the Darkhold from her basement to her in the middle of the town.[2]
    • Longevity: Agatha was able to prolong her lifespan beyond regular humans through her sorcery, and probably from absorbing the power and vital force of the others.[1]
    • Energy Manipulation: Agatha have shown some feats in mystical energy manipulation, mostly for offensive intentions.
      • Energy Bolts: She was able to attack Wanda with bolts of dark magic, in a moment she strike an intense energy beam at Wanda that even when reflected was powerful and destructive enough tho destroy the the stage of the square. [2]
      • Energy Constructs: She was able to summon strings made of energy to hold and choke Billy and Tommy Maximoff. [1]


  • Master Manipulator: Agatha was able to manipulate events within the Westview Anomaly for at least a week, right down to the plots of the sitcom, all while pretending to be enthralled by Wanda Maximoff and hiding her true nature.


  • Power Loss: Despite how powerful she is in magic, Agatha is still vulnerable to magic runes which can render her powerless.


  • Kathryn Hahn portrays Agatha Harkness on the Disney+ limited series WandaVision.
    • Hahn is also credited as a performer of her character's theme "Agatha All Along."


  • Hahn previously voiced Doc Ock in the film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
  • Agatha says her wedding anniversary is on June 2nd,[4] which could be a reference to the date in real-world history when the first person executed for witchcraft was convicted and sentenced to death during the Salem Witch Trials, which is a significant part of Agatha Harkness' backstory in the comics. This version of Agatha is also a Salem Witch and was put on trial but her coven, but it's unclear if she was part of the actual Salem Witch Trials.[1]
  • Agatha alludes to a husband named Ralph throughout the episodes of WandaVision, but he isn't actually revealed until the final episode and he's never seen with her. This is an homage to a classic sitcom trope where the neighbor would make allusions to a spouse that never appears on the show.
  • The exterior of Ralph's house (which Agatha takes over) is the same as the house used by the main witch character in the 1960s sitcom Bewitched.[9]

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