Agathe D'Arqueness was an elder member of Clan D'Arqueness who helped raise Sylvie, her sister Marie's daughter, after Marie died from the battle with the demon the Truth. Some time later she trained her niece to takeover the job of banishing the Truth when it returned to Earth every ten years.

After one of these encounters, Agathe orchestrated the plan of having Sylvie become intimate with her protector Logan in order to ensure that a new generation of sorcerers would inherit the position after Sylvie's time was over.[1]

Agathe D'Arqueness (Earth-TRN758) from Marvel Comics Presents Vol 3 5 002

Agathe teleporting Logan away

After Sylvie died at the hands of the Truth, Logan spent the next decade wondering when the demon would return since he was the only one left to fight him. After talking with Doctor Strange, Logan headed to the D'Arqueness ancestral home in the French Alps to find information on where the Truth would end up next.

But before he made his way up to the house, he was stopped by Agathe who became quickly angered at the sight of him stating that he was the reason Sylvie was killed and how he doomed the world. She transported him away to the Australian outback before he could find out the real truth that Agathe was hiding, a daughter that Logan fathered with Sylvie during their time in Paris.[2]

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