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Told from the eyes of Moon Knight (Marc Spector), Khonshu's learning of Mephisto's dark machinations leads to the moon god to systematically separate the Avengers, with Moon Knight enacting his will. Moon Knight defeats various Avengers, taking the powers of the Ghost Rider, Doctor Strange, the Phoenix, the Iron Fist, and Thor's hammer. The Cult of Khonshu fights the Avengers trying to free an imprisoned Black Panther, while Iron Man and Captain Marvel protect baby Starbrand from Khonshu's grasp. Concurrently, Marc Spector struggles morally justifying his enacting Khonshu's will against those he called friends for the greater good in stopping Mephisto.

The Avengers are ultimately successful in pushing back against Khonshu's encroachment as Moon Knight finally resolves that his patron god is in the wrong, taking the Phoenix and Mjolnir to knock back Khonshu to Earth. Black Panther takes some of the stolen powers to rally his fellow Avengers and arrest the mad moon god. Defeated, Khonshu is imprisoned by the Aesir, but while Mephisto is dead, the Phoenix is again freed upon the Earth and the X-Men sense its impending return.

While Moon Knight proved an obstacle, Black Panther still invited him back to the Avengers given his defeat of the team. He refuses, finding them distracted on mortal matters while Mephisto's schemes fester, so he returns to street-level vigilantism. Examining the remains of the variants of Mephisto, Iron Man frightfully realizes Moon Knight and Khonshu were right as Mephisto was waging an inter-dimensional war they knew nothing about.


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