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The Agent was a denizen of Mojoverse, a parallel universe centering around a culture of mass television viewing, ruled by the literally spineless creature known as Mojo.

The first Agent was created by Mojo's sorceress, Spiral. Spiral twisted the form of her own past self[1], the stuntwoman-turned-adventurer Ricochet Rita, into the Agent. Mojo hired the Agent to capture the X-Babies after they had escaped to Earth-616. The X-Babies were rescued by the mutant Shadowcat and her team, Excalibur. Her teammate, Rachel Summers, freed Rita from the form of the Agent. Though the X-Babies were free, Rita remained bound to Mojo's contract. The X-Babies agreed to return to the Mojoverse in exchange for Rita's freedom. Rita elected to accompany the X-Babies back to the Mojoverse as their guardian.[2]

The Agent was rebuilt by Mojo and given his own persona. The Agent was sent to sign the hero Wonder Man to a contract, and he succeeded. However, Mojo was enraged at Wonder Man's screen test performance of Shakespeare, and Wonder Man was fired.[3]

Powers and Abilities


The Agent has the power to hire new actors to perform in Mojo's twisted television shows. If his target signs the Agent's contract, they become bound to Mojo for life and the Agent gains access to their super-powers. There appears to be no limit to the number of powers the Agent can gain in this manner.

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