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When S.H.I.E.L.D. created the special Operation: Lightning Storm team led by Ms. Marvel, Agent Baines was assigned as technical expert.[1]

Having observed that Ms. Marvel had logged in aboard the Minicarrier, he went to meet her calling her but she chased him shouting that he was taking a shower.[2]

During a mission to capture Julia Carpenter, Carol ordered Agent Baines to stay on the Minicarrier and to alert local law enforcement if there were any problems. Shortly after the differences between Julia and Carol were smoothed out, Baines identified where Julia's parents and her daughter Rachel had moved.[3]

In the mission to flush out the A.I.M., Baines using his portable technological equipment discovered that A.I.M. had been able to access the Calabi-Yau Spheres, then explaining what the Spheres were and what the A.I.M. he had been able to punch holes in the spheres and slide an object inside. After meeting with Monica Rappaccini, Baines understood that the A.I.M. he had inserted the spheres was a G-TAC Scrambler, so Ms. Marvel asked if he was able to follow the bites of the spheres and he replied that it was the easiest thing to do and in fact he was able to locate them easily and with them track down the A.I.M.[4]

After returning to the Minicarrier, Carol told Baines, that was watching the prisoned Monica Rappaccini, that he could return to the bridge and he jokingly replied that if they needed him they would find him illegally downloading Hydra videos.[5]

Ms. Marvel asked Baines if he was able to replicate the A.I.M. Teleportation Protocols so that they could immediately reach New York where M.O.D.O.K. raged through its streets and Baines did. But immediately afterwards Rappaccini accused Baines of being in league with a traitor agent of the A.I.M. then she freed herself and killed him.[6]



Agent Baines was an expert at the limit of genius in the field of computers and electronic technologies.

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