Agent Hart was a high-ranking employee of the weapons manufacturer GenForm. He was in charge of an operation to capture the Omega-Level Mutant Maddie. They were intercepted by Logan, who wanted to take her to the Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach.[1] After Maddie accidentally walked into the arms of a GenForm soldier, she was tased and taken to Agent Hart's transport.[2]

Once back at GenForm's headquarters, Agent Hart oversaw the tests on Maddie's powers. They forced her to use her powers on Logan and Deadpool, who were closing on GenForm's HQ after tracking them down. Agent Hart had Maddie teleport increasingly bigger vehicles on top of the intruders until they were defeated and captured. While studying Logan, Deadpool managed to escape custody after Maddie used her powers to teleport Logan's claws into his hands.[3] After recovering his claws, Logan proceeded to massacre the GenForm staff. As the last man alive in the control room, Agent Hart attempted to justify capturing Maddie by disclosing her file to Logan,[4] prompting him to switch sides since he found out Maddie initially wanted GenForm to capture her.[5] Regretful, Logan stabbed Agent Hart to "put him out of his misery." Logan then confronted Deadpool and Maddie, while Hart was left in the control room moribund.[4]

Agent Hart survived Logan's attack and escaped. Two months later, he was tracked down by Maddie in Ohio. He tried to convince her to strike a deal to use her as a weapon, but she refused and teleported Hart's heart out of his body in retaliation for the experiments GenForm performed on her.[4]

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