Quote1 Oh, so everyone who believes in a real cause is a hyptonized stooge now? Quote2
-- Larry src

Agent Larry was present when Logan tracked down Dr. Vennema who was subsequently interrogated by Bruce Banner regarding A.I.M.'s sale of Richard Schlickeisen's Terrigenesis Cocoon to Toxie Doxie. Larry foolishly opened fire on Banner; however, his life was spared when Spider-Woman asked the raging Hulk to accompany her to dinner.[1]

Later when the reformed A.I.M. were evacuating Avengers Island, Larry directed Hawkeye and A.I.M.'s skeptic refugee, Rick Jones, to a portal that would've taken them to Avenger Base Two; however, his rant about Supreme Leader Bobby da Costa's display of power inadvertently rubbed Rick the wrong way and prompted him to leave A.I.M.'s side. For his carelessness, when he arrived to Avenger Base Two, Larry was relegated to attending the cocktail lounge,[2] but was still invited to attend Bobby's funeral, where he remained loyal to the Supreme Leader during an attempted coup d'état, and subsequently became part of the newest A.I.M., a joint operation between S.H.I.E.L.D. and the U.S. Army.[3]

However, Larry became disillusioned when Roberto joined the establishment, and started working as a Hydra double-agent. When Hydra's Supreme Leader, Captain America, began his plan of conquest, Larry was ordered with taking down da Costa.[4]


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