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When SHIELD created the special Operation: Lightning Storm team led by Ms. Marvel, Agent Locke was assigned as Psi-Ops liaison. In their first meeting, Locke communicated to Carol that what she felt in Julia Carpenter was pure and simple hatred.[1]

Carol asks Locke to want to know what Julia is thinking about every second. Locke later confirms that Julia's parents are where Agent Baines found them.[2]

After the meeting between Carol and Maria Hill, Carol was so enraged at Hill that Locke asked Carol to relax about Maria Hill because with her active psychic equipment it was difficult to hear something over her thoughts. After chasing the agents of the A.I.M. and seeing them flee, Carol asked Locke where they were fleeing and Locke replied that they were returning to the base as everyone was thinking that they did not want to be near Seattle when the Dark Door would activate.[3]

During the assault on the A.I.M. Regional Offices, Locke asked Agent Sum who was the guy who held the bomb tight because he had some active psi-block, and told Baines to block the A.I.M. as they were sending some of their experiments to deal with them. Being overwhelmed by both agents of the A.I.M. that from their experiments, Locke asked that she be given access to a neural blast at the cost of her life and after obtaining it she used it by putting all knockouts but passing out herself for the effort. In the Minicarrier infirmary, the doctor forbade her active service until she had checked all her vital functions.[4]

Due to the injuries she received, Locke underwent various brain surgeries and S.H.I.E.L.D. Psi-Corps placed her on medical leave.[5]

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