Agent Wambaugh was a young FBI agent. Assigned to recapture the Venom symbiote for the US government after Flash Thompson had gone AWOL with it, Wambaugh attacked Agent Venom wearing a suit of anti-symbiote powered armor. Despite being outmatched, Wambaugh managed to shoot Flash with an energy beam that separated him from the symbiote and sent it into a berserk rampage. Furious, Flash destroyed Wambaugh's armor, but the FBI agent reported his mission was a partial success.[1]

Assigned to monitor Black Cat's Gang with his partner, Agent Bagman, Wambaugh tailed Lee Price after spotting him entering the building with a briefcase and exiting without it. They followed him to his apartment and intervened when Firebug burned it down and confronted Lee, who turned out to be the latest host of the Venom symbiote.[2] After Wambaugh used a sonic weapon to separate the symbiote from its host, it tried to bond with him in an attempt to escape from Price. However, the symbiote retreated as soon as it noticed Lee had been fatally shot by Bagman, rebonding with Price and escaping.

Wambaugh and Bagman then tracked down Lee to Tony Consiglio's apartment. Wambaugh directly confronted Lee, who was weakened from the bullet injury, while Bagman positioned himself in a rooftop across the street, ready to launch an incendiary charge in case Lee refused to accept the ultimatum Wambaugh offered him: to work for the FBI as an informant, or risk becoming public, thus turning into a target for law enforcement agencies and vigilantes.[3]

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