Subject X was a mutant from an alternate reality that had been rendered uninhabitable by the use of Ghost boxes. His mission was to find alternate realities suitable for annexation[1].

As his superiors originally targeted Earth-616, he insisted on performing the mission on Earth-889. He was sent there and was followed in his travels by an unknown levitating mutant which he killed.

He regretted his choice, and reacted promptly when the mutant X-Society tracked him, after having read the mutant's notebook, which stated that the murderer was going to take a Zeppelin at Sir Francis Drake Airport.

Subject X (on Earth-889) AXMGB 1 001


He burned Logan who had been thrown from the Society's plane by McCoy, and the clawed-mutant sliced the balloon of the Zeppelin X-13 intended to use, causing an explosive reaction between the dirigible gas and X-13's pyrokinesis, killing everybody there except for Logan.


Seemingly those of his mainstream counterpart: Agent X-13 (Earth-TRN113)#Powers


Presumably a Ghost Box

It is unknown if he was part of an Annex Squad, as it was never mentioned and the divergence occurred on his home reality.

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