Subject X was a mutant agent from an alternate reality that had presumably been rendered uninhabitable by the use of Ghost boxes. His mission was to find alternate realities suitable for annexation.[1] After having killed the Triploid Mutant in San Francisco, he was followed by the X-Men in Chaparanga.[2]

His parallel existence, and the divergence of both Earth-TRN113 into Earth-TRN255 and Earth-616 into Earth-90227, started when Cyclops, by his leading actions, gave Agent-X time to connect the Ghost Box and activate the security, bringing on this universe a Deathlok-Class Unit, destroyed immediately by Cyclops.[2]

Subject X committed suicide rather than surrender to Wolverine and the X-Men, but the authorities of Earth-TRN113 seemingly decided that "Earth-616" was a threat, and attacked it, opening multiple Ghost Boxes and sending numerous Sentinels to ravage it.[2]


Seemingly those of his mainstream counterpart: Agent X-13 (Earth-TRN113)#Powers.


A Ghost Box.

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