Agent of the Realm Between was a celestial being that hailed from the extra-dimensional land of the Realm Between. He was a member of the Critics. The Agent of the Realm Between decided with the Agent of Hell and the Agent of Heaven where souls would travel in the after life.

When Darrel Daniel changed Man-Thing and his friends into actors in a play about his life, the Critics enjoyed the show about his early years and applauded to see more. The next act in the play brought doubt to the Critics and they wished to proceed to the conclusion of the play. The play ended with the reenactment of Darrel's suicide which annoyed the critics.

The three then began their judgment of his soul. His life was neither morally nor artistically worthwhile and none of the critics wished him to enter Heaven, Hell, or the Realm Between. They decide that their only choice was to destroy his soul, sending it into the oblivion of nothingness.

Richard Rory tried to defend Darrel Daniel after witnessing his life, but the Critics warned him if he interfered his soul would also be destroyed. Man-Thing tried to attack the Critics, which was pointless. Ayla Prentiss, in a moment of supreme sacrifice, offered her soul instead. This great gesture humbled the Critics and they decided to let him enter the Kingdom of Heaven[1].


Agent of the Realm Between is a celestial being and presumably possesses vast inherent supernatural powers.


Agent of the Realm Between can cast spells causing others to do what he wishes.


Realm Betweener Axe

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