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Quote1.png I come down here sometimes to think of her. And wonder. Why Triton brought me back just when Namorita was taken. Why I had to spend decades under ice when she needed me. I could have trained her properly. I could have kept her from...from...I could have stopped that bastard from blowing her up... I could have... Why...why couldn't I have seen her one last time...? Why... Quote2.png

Appearing in "The Dragon's Corridor (Part 2)/Interlude at Sea"

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Synopsis for "The Dragon's Corridor (Part 2)/Interlude at Sea"

In 1958, a group of armed thugs holds the heroes up at gunpoint. Marvel Boy is drunk and passes out, but Gorilla-Man attacks the gunmen, giving everyone else time to get out. Gorilla-Man contacts Jimmy Woo by their wrist communicators, and Jimmy rushes to save them - though Suwan, his girlfriend, thinks she is the person the gunmen searching for.

Woo's arrival is enough to force the gunmen to resort to gas grenades. Everyone in the building is knocked out, but the gunmen are soon dispatched by Human Robot, leaving nothing but skeletons, ash and strange red triangles. Suwan has vanished by the time they get to the car, and Woo leaves to contact their superiors, instructing the others to get some rest.

In the present, Venus is being dropped off in the Pacific Ocean by the Uranian. Namora has been using an Atlas supertanker to clean up WW2-era nautical wrecks n the Pacific. Venus wants to talk, but Namora has been driven of late. When Venus tries to hang around, Namora angrily starts an explosion she isn't sure she can survive, but when this doesn't work, she shows Venus a secret cavern on the ocean floor. It contains a memorial to Namorita, her daughter - And Namora hasn't yet dealt with the knowledge that her daughter died shortly before she was freed from the ice. Venus comforts her.

In 1958, the heroes are recovering from the night before. Marvel Boy has worked out when the Skeleton Pilot will next appear, when they receive a phone call from Suwan, who inexplicably knows about the triangles, and who is suddenly kidnapped by someone on the other end. The Human Robot tracks the call to a payphone at Presidio Cemetery, and the group runs to rescue her. At the cemetery, Venus discovers the secret of the triangles: through them, she can see a rift in space next to the payphones. Holding the triangles, the heroes rush through - only to find themselves standing on an ancient battlefield.

In the present, a meeting has been planned between Norman Osborn and the Agents of Atlas on the deck of a tanker in the Hudson River, but Osborn is late. When he does arrive with his bodyguard, the Sentry, Temugin reacts by trying to fight Sentry, but he is overpowered by the superhuman and dropped in the river. Moving on, Osborn sees that the tanker is secretly a factory creating guns to his order. Approving, Osborn and Sentry depart. As soon as Sentry is out of earshot, the Agents "break character" and reveal the real reason for the meeting - they had the Uranian take a look at their opponents' minds. They now know about the Cabal (though they can only identify Doctor Doom and Namor), but as a result of the strain, the Uranian must take a break. His allies move on to their latest plan: send out thugs on bogus errands and get people talking about Atlas, and wait for the heroes to come looking for them. However, their plan works too well and they are ambushed by Captain America.


  • The issue's backstory page is presented this month by Namora. It is called "Namora's Sea-nopsis".
  • This issue contained a variant Wolverine cover for Wolverine Art Appreciation month.

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