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The Agents of Fortune are members of a cult dedicated to the rebirth of an ancient demon race on Earth. They were led by Vera Gemini, who was the daughter of a human and a demon. Eric Simon Payne, aka Devil-Slayer, was once a member of the Agents of Fortune, but quit. He would later return to battle the organization.[3] The Agent of Fortune stole the Amulet of Agamotto from Doctor Strange as a part of this plot. The Defenders succeeded in defeating them.[2]

The human members of the Cult lusted for power, but they were unwitting pawns of their leader Vera Gemini. They were offered as human sacrifice to the Demons. When they managed to summon many demons to Earth, they were brutally slain by the Demons.[1]



  • At least two members of the cult had Shadow Cloaks which allowed them to teleport.

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