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When the dark god Knull's control over his universe-conquering army of predatory eldritch parasites was severed by Thor Odinson, the Symbiotes who had bonded to benevolent and noble hosts rebelled against him and sealed him away in an artificial planet formed from countless amalgamated symbiotes, which they named "Klyntar" after their word for "cage". In a desperate effort to expunge their dark past, the symbiotes of Klyntar perpetuated the lie that the natural state of their species was benevolence and that Klyntar was their homeworld.[1] As an act of redemption, the symbiotes sought out worthy hosts from various species and established the Agents of the Cosmos, an organization of noble warriors capable of sensing the "voice" of the Cosmos and dedicated to maintaining peace across the universe.[3][4]

Unfortunately, some symbiotes found themselves bonded to unworthy hosts, who used their partners for malevolent purposes and returned them to their original state as bloodthirsty predatory parasites.[3][5] These "corrupted" symbiotes were cut off from the Klyntar Hive-Mind, but were capable of replicating themselves through asexual reproduction and resumed their former master's campaign of conquest; spreading what the symbiotes declared false information in order to tarnish the reputation of their benevolent brethren.[3]

In response, the Klyntar hive-mind developed a means of cleansing corrupted symbiotes by purging negative emotions and memories,[6] although the procedure was difficult and occasionally did not work, leaving incompletely cleansed symbiotes in constant danger of relapse.[7][8] Agents of the Cosmos whose symbiotes are in danger of succumbing to corruption were taken back to Klyntar, where their symbiote would undergo trial to determine its fate. Symbiotes that failed the trial were deemed lost and executed without mercy, and if the host was still deemed worthy they would receive a new symbiote and return to their duties.[7][8]

Loyalty to the Cosmos was valued above all, and Agents who rebelled or disputed the decisions of the elder members could find themselves placed on trial to determine their worthiness.[8] What happened to Agents who were deemed unworthy is unknown, but it was implied by Tarna that exile is a possible fate. The Space Knights, a rival organization, were condescending towards the Agents of the Cosmos for this practise.[6]

At some point following Agent Venom and Tarna's departure, the Agents of the Cosmos were attacked and wiped out by the Poisons,[9] though some survivors may have managed to escape.[10]



All members of the Agents of the Cosmos are bonded to a symbiote that acts as their partner as well as a suit of bioarmor.


Most Agents of the Cosmos rely on the shape-shifting abilities inherit to their symbiote to engage in melee combat.


  • When asked whether the Agents of the Cosmos were aware of Haze Mancer poaching symbiotes, Cullen Bunn replied "They must all be dead."[11]

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