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Greg was a frat boy encountered by Hawkeye in Venice Beach.[1] He spread the message of T.B.C. by using his mind-control powers to amplify and absorb the hate of others around him. After he bulked up from absorbing the hatred of Venice Beach partygoers, Hawkeye defeated him by leading him to an outdoor showing of The Sound of Music, whose positive energy nullified his powers. While in police custody, Aggregate's hate-absorption powers caused him to explode in front of Bishop.[2] Bishop later learned that Aggregate worked for her father, Derek Bishop.[3]



Aggregate exhibited the power of spreading hatred by applying Take Back Control stickers on his victims. He could then absorb the hatred he created and use it to bulk up like a Hulk.[2]


While negative energy increased his strength, ambient positive energy could reduce it and render him unconscious.[2]

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