Aghanne was a Breakworldian, a planet home to a warrior culture whose technology allowed them to see partial versions of the future. These "timeshadows" foretold that their planet would be destroyed by a mutant from Earth, most likely a member of the heroic X-Men. Aghanne believed in helping the weak and opposed Powerlord Kruun's tyrannic rule.[1]

When she met Colossus and Shadowcat, she asked them to help save her world, believing that the prophecy was misinterpreted and Breakworld could be recreated.[2] After their spaceship was destroyed, Colossus and Shadowcat came back to her, asking for help, since the end was near.[3] When the X-Men took over Breakworld, Colossus finally realized Aghanne had planned everything from the beginning, having him rip out the central distribution core from its mooring and destroy the planet for her.[4] While fighting with Colossus, she was finally killed by Ord, who saved his own world.[5]

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