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The massive Agnar held the title of King of the Eagles on his native plane of Asgard.[2][3]

At some point he became the prisoner of the Storm Giants.[2]

The Golden Apples of Idunn

Thor and Loki once escaped on his back when they were on the run from those Giants after having retrieved the Golden Apples of Idunn.[2][4]

According to another account, Agnar, an half-breed Air Colossus and the Half-King of Eagles, sent the Aerie Legion to capture Idunn while she was harvesting the golden Apples. Thanks to Thor and Loki, Agnar was defeated and seemingly killed.[1]

The Raven Banner

Yet at another point, he offered his aid to the gods Balder and Greyval Grimson in their quest to retrieve the Raven Banner. King Agnar agreed to carry the two in his claws, flying them swiftly to the Enchanted Chasm between Valhalla and the rest of Asgard. Beyond that point, not even Agnar would brave the terrible mists of the Chasm, and the two gods were forced to continue on foot.[3]


  • In Mighty Thor (Vol. 2) #12.1, Agnar is presented as the "Half-King of Eagles", an "half-breed air colossus" and is depicted as a gigantic humanoid with eagle-like costume or features.

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