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Agnar was the son of Hrothgar. They lived in Vanaheim.[4]

Agnar came to Asgard to challenge Balder, reported to be a skilled warrior, but Balder denied him his challenge and Agnar was removed from his sight by Volstagg,[4] telling him the story of Balder[1] and using Hogun the Grim as a threat if Agnar wished to harm Balder.[5]

Anyway, Agnar followed Balder when he sought to die by abandoning himself in a desert beyond the Norn Kingdom, intending to deliver himself that fate.[6] Agnar had trouble following the quick Balder, but witnessed him attacking a Giant Sand Devil with a mere stick of wood in order to protect a woman. In that, Agnar saw Balder's bravery.[7] Unable to assist Balder, too much frightened, Agnar threw his sword for the God of Light to defend himself against the beast and allowing him to win.[2]

As Balder disappeared along with the woman he saved by teleporting, Agnar retrieve his sword. He swore he would find Balder again, to offer him his sword in homage.[2] Balder returned in an instant from a meeting with the Norns, riding an horse. As he saw Agnar,[8] he pretended to not recognize him for else than a warrior of Vanaheim,[3] and took him with him to help defend Asgard against an incoming threat.[8]

Once in Asgard, Balder left, promising Agnar another meeting.[3]

Needing to know the way home from death, Thor send Agnar to retrieve Balder in Nornheim.[9]



Along with Hogun, Agnar returned to Asgard, announcing that the Giants of Jotunheim were waging war against Asgard. He then greeted welcome to the returning Balder. He later opposed Kurse along with Thor, and witness "Balder"'s death at his hands,[15] revealed to be Malekith. Kurse was then arrested, Agnar being charged to guard him as he possessed the Laevateinn, able cut any substance.[16]

His current whereabouts are unknown.



Skilled swordsman



Used a round shield.[4]



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