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Exposing his wife and unborn baby to the Mists

Little was known about the origin of Agon, but it is known that about 110 years ago he was crowned ruler of the Inhumans, proving to be one of the most popular rulers in generations.[2]

Agon was also chief geneticist of Attilan, and he exposed his wife Rynda to the Terrigen Mist while she was pregnant as an experiment, producing Black Bolt, one of the most powerful Inhumans ever.[3]

Agon's rule came to an end when his second son, Maximus, attempted to make deals with the Kree to achieve powers for himself. Black Bolt attempted to stop the Kree dissidents from escaping in a spacecraft, but his scream sent the ship crashing down into his parents' building. Agon and Rynda were killed in the crash.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Agon is a skilled geneticist.





  • "Agon" is a Greek-language term for a struggle or contest, as well as the name of a god who personified this concept. "In Ancient Greek drama, particularly Old Comedy (fifth century B.C.), agon refers to a contest or debate between two characters - the protagonist and the antagonist - in the highly structured Classical tragedies and dramas. The agon could also develop between an actor and the choir or between two actors with half of the chorus supporting each. Through the argument of opposing principles, the agon in these performances resembled the dialectic dialogues of Plato. The meaning of the term has escaped the circumscriptions of its classical origins to signify, more generally, the conflict on which a literary work turns." [4]
  • The term "agony" derives from "agon". [4]

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