Agu was a giant ape that lived in the Congo jungle during the 20th century. The creature's origins, and how it grew to such a massive size, is unknown. Agu was feared by the animals and the various tribes that lived in the jungles during the 1950s. Agu soon encountered the adventurer known as Lorna the Jungle Queen early on in her career. Lorna realized that the ape only attacked when threatened and came to consider the creature her friend. When Agu stopped by a nearby river to drink, he was attacked by the Itibi tribe who feared the massive primate. Fighting back, Agu knocked back a flaming arrow into the Itibi village setting it ablaze, frightening the ape into fleeing into the jungle with Itibi warriors on his heels. The Itibi warriors were stopped by Lorna who showed them that the creature only attacked when provoked and allowed it to go free.[1]

When Lorna met and became smitten by explorer Greg Knight she attempted to show him Agu the Giant, however Greg did not believe in the beast's existence. However he soon ate his own words when Agu appeared before them while Greg was berating Lorna. Expressing his displeasure of Greg's treatment of Lorna, Knight was forced to be nice to her for a change, ending the giant ape's rage.[2] Agu's existence was discovered by a man named Boggs who sought to capture the beast for a zoo. He tricked Greg Knight into helping him, but both Greg and Lorna prevented him from capturing Agu. Boggs met his end after he was chased off a cliff by other animals he captured and purposely starved after the animals managed to escape.[3]

When M'Tuba's tribe was terrorized by an apparent ghost Lorna enlisted the help of Agu. The "ghost" was revealed to be Baku, M'Tuba's cousin, who was trying to usurp leadership from the tribe.[4] Agu's brother was later captured and hypnotized by Doctor Wendall Bryant, who used Agu's brother to attack the local tribes to cash in on medical treatments. Lorna and Agu tracked them down and as Agu battled his brother, Wendal was trampled to death in the fight, freeing Agu's sibling from his control.[5]

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