Aguja was a member of the Children of the Vault, who were highly evolved beings who had evolved from a baseline human genetic base over a time period of 6,000 years. She had energy-based powers.[citation needed]

Aguja joined her fellow teammate, Fuego in battling Sabretooth, and also participated in the attack of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s facility. However, she was quite disappointed when only Perro and Serafina were sent to battle the X-Men. She did get a piece of the action when they navigated their ship to New York City to destroy the X-Men and the Air Force tried to kill them. Aguja and Fuego easily destroyed their planes and waited for the X-Men themselves to show up. She and her siblings easily subdued the X-Men at first, but they fought back and foiled their plans to destroy the Institute. During the battle, Lady Mastermind projected an illusion making Aguja look like her and Fuego incinerated her, not knowing he was killing his own kindred.[2]

Either surviving or found a way to come back to life, Aguja and the other Children of the Vault moved into the Vault in Ecuador built within the ruins of the Wild Sentinel Factory, whose temporal nature was always changing. The X-Men learned of the Vault's existence and sent Wolverine, Synch, and Darwin to capture Serafina. Unfortunately, as soon as the three entered the Vault, they lost touch with the X-Men.[1] The Children of the Vault fought the trio who killed the Children except Aguja. Filled with grief over her comrades' deaths and wanting revenge, Aguja unleashed a force field that devastated her surrounding and seemingly killed her.[3]

Aguja was later resurrected by the City, the artificial intelligence that ran the Vault, through cloning and enhanced as a third-generation of the Children. She chased after Wolverine and Synch as they tried to flee the Vault. After Wolverine died, Aguja killed Synch and told him that the Children would inherit the world, not mutants, not realizing that the intelligence Synch and his teammates had gathered on the Vault had been passed on their fellow mutants.[4]

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Aguja has energy-based powers that have yet to be seen to their full extent. So far she has demonstrated force fields and causing objects to tear apart.[citation needed]


  • "Aguja" is Spanish for needle.

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