Ah Puch is a member of the Mayapan, a group of Mayan Indians who gained superhuman powers and demanded worship from their fellow Mayans by posing as members of the Ahau. Ah Puch took the name of Ah Puch, the Mayan god of the dead, and appeared to his fellow Mayans at the time of death; however, the Mayapan were overthrown by two of their own kind, and the spirits of Ah Puch and the Mayapan were imprisoned in crystal within the Chichen Itza pyramid within the Yucatan until they were woken and restored to life in recent years.[1]

Clashing with with Red Hulk and Alpha Flight, the Mayapan started once more growing in power once more and seizing control until Hunahpu and Xbalanque showed Ross how to defeat Ah Puch and his allies once again.[2]


Ah Puch has the conventional powers of the Mayapan to feed off the life energies of human beings as well as the ability to drain the life energy of living things. His touch saps the life energies of those he touches without allowing him to sustain his life.[3]

  • This character is not to be confused with Ah Puch of the Ahau.

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