This history of Annihilus of Earth-295 is a confusing one at best, as he has recollections of battling the Fantastic Four even though the group never existed on Earth-295. Also various assertions toward Annihilus' origins on Earth-295 contradict his established origins on Earth-616. Numerous texts indicate that, like the Mojoverse, the Negative Zone is a unique realm in the multiverse[1], while others suggest that each different universe has its own unique Negative Zone[2].

Human Form

Whatever the case may be, it has been stated that Annihilus once existed in a humanoid form until he mutated into the insectoid form that he is most commonly recognized for, likely due to the Cosmic Control Rod that he possesses. As Annihilus he ruled the Negative Zone with an iron fist, inventing weapons such as the Annihilation Cannon. He was deposed from his rule by the Fantastic Four of either Earth-616 or some unknown alternate reality. After his removal, the Negative Zone was taken over by Blastaar who became an even more tyrannical ruler. For unknown reasons Annhilius reverted back to his human form, called himself Ahmyor and started a rebellion to depose Blastaar, with the intention of reinstalling Annihilus as ruler, as he was the lesser of the two evils[3]. Ahmyor had no idea of his true past.

When Blink of Earth-295 accidentally found herself transported to the Negative Zone, she was stricken with amnesia and appeared before Ahmyor[3]. Ahmyor originally believed her to be an assassin, however Blink's superior skill convinced Ahmyor to invite her to join his rebellion against Blastaar. With the addition of Blink, Ahmyor's rebellion won many victories. Blink and Ahmyor began to fall in love with each other[4]. Ultimately, Ahmyor and Blink were captured by Blastaar who revealed Ahmyor's origins, shocking both of them and shaking up their relationship[5]. Blastaar later revealed to Blink that Ahmyor was telling the truth when he claimed he had no idea of his true past, and that he had kept Blink's quivers in his possession, suggesting that Ahmyor's heart did belong to Blink as he claimed.

Blastaar intended to use Ahmyor's Cosmic Control Rod to power the Annihilation Cannon to wage war against the Earth. Strapped to the cannon, Ahmyor began to revert back to his Annihilus form. Blink broke free and freed the mutating Ahmyor and destroyed the Annihilation Cannon. In the aftermath, Blink was transported back to her native Earth-295. Ahmyor reverted back to his form and observed a moment of silence over the loss of Blink before going after Blastaar to seek revenge[6].


As Annihilus, powers similar to his Earth-616 counterpart.

The past history of Ahmyor is unverified and full of inconsistencies. Part of this may be due to the nature of the Negative Zone and how the reality warp that initially caused a divergence between Earth-616 and Earth-295 may have affected it. While it's clear that Blastaar would not be above using deception and lying, it has been suggested that some of Ahmyor's story may have been embellished in order to win Blink over to his cause.

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