Ailma is a member of the Mitan race that lived on the micro-world of Mita which was located within the atoms of a rock on Birds' Nest Island in Maine.

Their realm was terrorized by the evil Togaro who sought to take over their world. The king and queen of Mita sent their daughter to Earth for protection when she was a child and she was adopted by an Earth family who named her Dianna. When Dianna was an adult, she was sought out by Togaro. Ailma was sent to the Earth to rescue her and tell her of her heritage. After doing so, they allied themselves with Dianna's brother Frank, Captain America and Bucky. During the course of her encounter with the people from Earth, Ailma and Bucky developed crushes on each other. After Captain America made more of the shrinking drug they all shrank down to go to the world of Mita[1].

After escaping a torrent of acid aboard a size-changing ship piloted by Alt, they arrived on Mita. There, Ailma and Bucky were captured by Togaro and were taken to Togaro's camp after he set Mita on a collision course with its sun. Ailma and Bucky were rescued by Captain America and they all returned to the surface world where Cap slew Togaro. With their world dead and Togaro gone, Ailma went to live with Frank and Dianna[2].


Ailma used size changing drugs to shrink or grow in size.

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