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The Air Force were a group of mercenaries with bird names and costumes that allowed them to fly. They were led by Cardinal. In their first mission they freed Cardinal from jail[1] so he could get revenge on the New Warriors for an earlier defeat.[2] They were defeated by Nova and Turbo. This first mission was the only mission that included Killer Shrike.

Later the group tried to hijack a Taylor Foundation jet but were defeated by Night Thrasher who threatened to turn off their armors over the ocean if they did not deliver relief aid to Africa.[3] By this time Oriole had replaced Killer Shrike as a member.

While fulfilling their bargain with Night Thrasher in Africa Tanager and Oriole were killed by the Soldiers of Misfortune operatives of the Undertow.[4] Their teammate Sparrow was enslaved by the Undertow and presumably is still their operative.


This team shouldn't be confused with the US Air Force, part of the USA's military system, or from any other "Air Force" military corps.


An artist mistake shows Killer Shrike as being dead instead of Oriole in New Warriors Vol 1 54.

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