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Aireo's first look

Aireo, a member of the offshoot of humanity known as the Inhumans, underwent exposure to the Inhuman Terrigen Mists soon after birth, giving him his superhuman powers. Initially, these consisted only of the ability to fly, but over the years his powers increased.

Ally of Maximus

As an adult, Aireo's flight powers enabled him to take on the prestigious job of perimeter patrolman for Attilan. However, he betrayed those who trusted him and joined the rebel Maximus in the coup and civil war that gave Maximus control of Attilan. After Maximus was defeated, Aireo joined him in exile, supporting Maximus during one of his further attempts to disrupt Black Bolt's rule.[2] Since Maximus's last defeat, Aireo nursed his hatred for the current royal family and avoided any further contact with his fellow Inhumans.

Project Earth/Force of Nature

Although he didn't enjoy the company of normal humans, he accepted Project Earth's offer to join their strike force, Force of Nature. He remained a member throughout its tenure, until he was captured and incarcerated in the Vault by the New Warriors, alongside his teammates Aqueduct and Terraformer.

Dark Reign

He later joined the Initiative, when the Force of Nature was made the team of Oregon.[3]

He participated in the sanctioned offensive of the Initiative against the seceding Heavy Hitters,[4] and later in the H.A.M.M.E.R. assault on Asgard in Oklahoma.[5]

Aireo as Skybreaker


Power Grid[7]
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Aerokinesis: Skybreaker possesses the natural ability to control air and generate winds. Skybreaker's winds and other attacks do not appear to emanate from him, allowing him to attack without giving away his position. Skybreaker has mastered the following effects:

  • Generate winds of incredible strength.
  • Using air as a distance weapon, smashing targets.
  • Flight, leaving a misty vapor trail.
  • Removing the air from a person's lungs. Skybreaker must concentrate continuously to inflict this damage.

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