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Ajanii Jackson was an activist who served the Sons of the Serpent. He was sent by the Sons of the Shield to plant an explosive device in the First Baptist Church in Harlem as part of the Sons' plan to stir up support for their pro-white campaign. He riled up a mob against the Sons of the Shield, supplying them with the weapons in order to make the Sons look like the victims on the news and had led them in an assault upon the Sons' campaign headquarters.[1]

At some point, Ajanii would be confronted by Sam Wilson, who learned of his treachery and dressed himself as "Captain America". He tried to flee from the Falcon to John Mason's bunker, but his leader was infuriated that Ajanii had led the Falcon to him. In response to this, Ajanii was killed when Mason released his bioethnic virus.[2]





Ajanii was known to possess explosives and energy weapons that were supplied to the Sons of the Shield.

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