Ajes'ha was a Kree member of the Chosen Eight of Fate that were colloquially known as the Guardians of the Galaxy.[1] The eight were the guardians of fragments of the Lifestone Tree. Ajes'ha's lifestone fragment was the stone that would one day become known as the moonstone.

Karla Sofen began to have dreams and hallucinations of Ajes'ha that she thought were pushing her towards wanting to be a hero but Karla later discovered she tapped into Ajes'ha's essence because of her friendships with the Thunderbolts and later her love for Hawkeye had forced her to consider being a hero on her own.[2]

ISAAC rerouted Karla Sofen's neural pathways to prevent her from accessing Ajes'ha memories and being influenced by them.[3]

Moonstone and Songbird would later encounter Ajes'ha and 4 of the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy in their collective subconscious after Baron Helmut Zemo was defeated and one of his two moonstones was destroyed. Moonstone and Songbird were able to resolve their issues which woke them up from their respective comas.[4]

  • ISAAC stated the Guardians disbanded when four died in battle, two of old age, and one retired, leaving the fate of the eighth member undisclosed. Ajes'ha's fate among these outcomes was unclear.

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