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Ak was a man who lived on earth around 50,000 B.C. Allegedly, he was the last survivor of his species, a race of shaggy humanoids who lived in conflict with the Goreks. One day, while escaping from the Rhino Gholla, Ak sought shelter in a tree by the shore were he witnessed the arrival of a family of hairless men. Ak saw the family being attacked by Gholla and the man killed. Ak later saw the arrival of Kag, who was about to hunt the woman when Ak decided to intervene, saving the woman and her child.[1]

Ak was surprised to find these hairless persons and after taking them to safety in his cave he worshiped both the woman Rhaya and the child Tuk as gods. They lived in the caves for several years until one day another beast, Gru, attacked them. Ak was unable to save Rhaya's life. Grieving her he took Tuk to a new and safer cave where they lived for years. During one adventure Ak lost an eye.[1]

After living together for sometime Ak became an old man. When he felt his death arriving he summoned the young Tuk and revealed to him his true origin. Ak died peacefully in his sleep.[1]

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