Cosmic Contact

Akasha Martinez lived in Utah. Her two divorced parents lived in separate cities. She was mostly seen as an outsider by her parents. Akasha grew up riding dirt bikes in the rough terrain of the state with her friends.

One day, while racing in the canyons, Akasha witnessed what she believed to be a UFO crashing into the earth. It was actually the planetary remains of the Living Pharaoh. Akasha lost control of her bike and crashed into the object. There was a flash of light and she lost consciousness. Akasha's friends rushed her comatose body to a hospital. Meanwhile, in her mind, she experienced the memories of Living Pharaoh.

Sensational Spider-Man Vol 1 19

Soon, she went on a trip to New York City with her father. While visiting the Museum of Natural History, she began to feel an affinity with the Egyptian artifacts. She secretly sneaked away from her father and she stole the Staff of Horus. She was bestowed with enormous cosmic energies and began calling herself the Living Pharaoh. Spider-Man, who was also visiting the museum, tried to take the Staff from Akasha. Spider-Man tried locking her in a safe, but she blew the door off its hinges from the huge amount of energy she was emitting.[1] Akasha blasted the hero with enough power to send him flying out of the museum, but she could not bring herself to murder a hero.

Under the influence of the Living Pharaoh, Akasha decided she wanted to restore the earth to the glory days of ancient Egypt. Once again, she clashed with Spider-Man, and this time the web-slinger destroyed her staff and the girl lost contact with the former Living Pharaoh and regained her true personality, though she had lost her original cosmic abilities. She somehow grew wings, apologized to her father for all the trouble she caused, and flew off in search of her destiny.[2]

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After Civil War

Akasha was considered as a potential recruit for the Initiative program.[3]


  • Wings: Akasha has a pair of wings that allow her to fly.[2]


She could read Egyptian hieroglyphics.[1]

Strength level

Formerly had the strength that rivaled Spider-Man's. So, she had possibly Class-10 strength.


Formerly Staff of Horus


Flight under her own power; formerly teleportation under her own power

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