Aket-Atum was a Stygian, and a minor wizard of the Black Ring who was serving as a spy for King Ferdrugo of Zingara.

Henoran da Varza, a noble of Kordava, was tasked to bring him to the royal court of Zingara. On the way to Zingara, on the Western Ocean, his ship attacked the Zingaran buccaneer ship of Conan. Conan was able to fell da Varza, then turned toward the wizard who cast a spell causing Conan to lose his strength. Conan was able to throw a dagger at Aket-Atum's chest, causing his death and the end of the spell.[1]

Casting a spell


Aket-Atum was a minor sorcerer within the Black Ring. He possessed at least a spell that caused the target to lose his strength.[1]


He spoke at least partially a long-dead language whom he used to cast his spells.[1]

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