Akihiko was a member of the Yakuza operating in Tokyo, Japan. He survived Thanos' Snap in 2018 and continued to operate until 2023, when he became the target of Clint Barton, who was hunting down and killing criminals who survived in retaliation for the half of the planet that did not. Barton cut down through Akihiko's men and cornered him on the streets on Tokyo. Akihiko demanded to the motives of his pursuer, pointing out the hypocrisy of him being a greater killer than Akihiko and his men ever were. The two then engaged in a swordfight with their katanas, and Barton dealt Akihiko a gashing wound. Akihiko pled for mercy and promised to give his adversary whatever he wanted, but Barton ignored his pleas and finished Akihiko off.[1]


Skilled with a sword


  • Katana sword

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