Akihiko was a member of the Yakuza's science division, the Shogun Reapers, who were building a cannon on the Moon with the ability to fire a ray in a frequency capable of controlling the Earth's plate tectonics.

When S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Nick Fury, Jr. broke into the base, Akihiko and another crew member joined their boss Danny Fear in confronting the intruder, armed with shogun mechas.

Fury hacked into Akihiko's armor with his Prototype Eyepatch and forced him to fight his peers while he slipped away. Akihiko was then forced to fire at a window, causing the room to decompress and the vacuum of space to swallow the three Shogun Reapers, leading to Akihiko's apparent death.[1]


Shogun mecha


His mecha's swords

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