When a plague turned the world's population into cannibals, Daken helped the Avengers hold back the infected.[1] Eventually, Doctor Doom offered a potential cure to them if they named him Emperor of Earth. Despite their reluctance, the Avengers agreed.[2] Amulets called Doomstones were made to keep the plague dormant, but when Daken succumbed to the plague, a Doomstone was forced around his neck, wiping his mind clean and effectively turning him into a mindless vegetable.

Later on, Doom embedded the amulet into Daken's chest, fixing his mind. However, this also gave him the mind of a child.[3]


Seemingly those of Daken (Akihiro) of Earth-616


Due to his exposure to Surivor 118, Daken was capable of adapting to extreme changes in his environment. It is unknown if he retained this ability after Doctor Doom placed the Doomstone in his chest.

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