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After the death of her parents, Akiko was raised by her uncle Shinji Yokohama.[1]

When Shinji began working as a campaign manager for Ken Takahara, he hired Akiko and made her the campaign speechwriter.[2] After Ken was assassinated during a rally, Akiko persuaded her uncle to run for Prime Minister in his memory. Ken's memorial was interrupted by a Yakuza firefight, during which Akiko was saved by a Monkey in a suit.[3]

Akiko soon came to suspect that Ken and now her uncle's opponent Itaru Ozu was behind Ken's assassinaton.[4] Eventually he accused him of it in public, causing a scandal and forcing her uncle to fire her from the campaign. That night, the monkey showed at her house and Akiko welcomed him inside.[5] Monkey's presense soon attracted the attention of Lady Bullseye, who blem up her house with Akiko still inside.[1]

Akiko survived and eventually recovered, rejoining her uncle's campaign. On the night of the election, the Monkey resurfaced and Akiko together with Detective Haruka explained to him that they believed that Bonsai Master, Ozu's chief campaign donor, arranged his assassination. The Monkey killed the Bonsai Master, but Ozu claimed to be innocent, revealing that Akiko's uncle Shinji was behind the original hit all along.[6]

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Having just won the election and become the new Prime Minister, Shinji learned that the Monkey was coming for him and became overcome with guilt, eventually revealing to Akiko the truth. When the Monkey finally came face to face with Shinji, he was persuaded not to kill him by Bryce. Haruka then tried to arrest him when Shinji grabbed her gun and tried to shoot her. The Monkey had no choice but to kill him, earning Akiko's unending hatred. While mourning him, she took Lady Bullseye's mask from her corpse and put it on.[7]

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