Appearing in "Amid the Ruins"

Featured Characters:

  • Akira
  • Chiyoko
  • Colonel Shihishima - (Cameo) {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Main story and flashback}}
  • Kaori {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||First appearance}}
  • Kay
  • Masaru
  • Miyako
  • Ryu
  • Shotaro Kaneda {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|||Main story and flashback}}
  • Tetsuo Shima
  • Yamada

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:


  • Neo-Tokyo
  • Great Tokyo Empire
  • 7th District Bridge



Synopsis for "Amid the Ruins"

Kay secures medical supplies and drugs for Kiyoko and Masaru who are going through withdrawal. Chiyoko helps to provide a safe house where they find a drunken Ryu. Chiyoko is disheartened to find that Kay is in love with Ryu.

Meanwhile, members of the Great Tokyo Empire discover a spy within their ranks. Tetsuo's aid has one of the loyal disciples high on pills and use his mental powers to cause the spy's head to explode.

Later, two other disenfranchised citizens (one of whom is Lt. Yamada) stumble upon the drug-addled powerhouse. Tetsuo's aide commands him to kill the spies. One of them suffers the same fate as the previous spy, but as the drugs begin to wear off, the enforcer finds that he cannot stand up to Yamada. He stomps the enforcer's head into the asphalt and runs away.

Chiyoko and Kay journey towards Lady Miyako's temple in the hopes of finding "Number 19". Upon speaking with Lady Miyako, they discover that she has a brand upon her left palm. She is number 19. She knows of Kiyoko and Masaru's plight and gives Kay medicine that will help to heal them. She tells her that when they are well enough, they should be brought to her temple.

Yamada continues to race through corridors of destruction within the perimeter of the Great Tokyo Empire. He finds Ryu who offers him shelter inside one of the collapsed buildings. They both are in need of help.

Meanwhile, Tetsuo has his aide bring him a harem of underage girls. Taking them back into his parlor, he has them stripped naked and forces them to partake of his party favors, the pills that he uses to increase his psionic abilities. One of the girls, Kaori, pretends to swallow the pill, but doesn't actually take it. After a bout of love-making, Tetsuo experiences dreamlike visions of him when he was little more than a wannabe biker with his old pal Kaneda. Kaneda's face appears to haunt him.


  • Contains cameo flashbacks of Shotaro Kaneda and the Colonel.
  • Kaori will not be referenced by name until next issue.

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