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Akkaba is a lone settlement on the very edge of the Amentet and the very edge of the Valley of the Kings, in ancient Egypt. It was home to the Clan Akkaba.


En Sabah Nur was born there nearly five thousand years ago. Even as an infant, the child inspired fear, being born with gray skin and blue lines running across his lips and face. Ugly and malformed, the infant was abandoned by the tribe, to die in the harsh desert sun. However, out of the desert, the Sandstormers, a roving band of feared nomadic raiders, slaughtered the citizens of Akkaba. Their leader, Baal of the Crimson Sands, found the infant crying and recognized the potential power in the child. Baal named the infant En Sabah Nur, literally meaning "The First Morning Holy Light," and raised him as his own son.[1]

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