Quote1 What were you doing? Useless! Useless! Ten million dollars in R&D and this scrawny abomination saved me before you even reacted! Quote2
-- President Abdi src

Al-Thahab Al-Aswad was the first agent of the Aqirian super-team/secret police Hero Force, under the name of Black Gold.

He traveled to Great Britain along with president Abdi, and was presented to the press during a meeting about a potential treaty exchanging super-being training for Aqirian oil contracts.[1]

While Abdi was parading in through London escorted by Black Gold, an Aqirian gay rights activist tried to shoot down the President, only to be stopped by Pete Wisdom while the bodyguard proved himself useless.[2]

Thanks to that, the machinations of David Haller caused President Abdi's regime to collapse in a bloodless coup. The deposed president had Al-Thahab hunt the mutant down for three days. Eventually tracking him to Muir Island, Al-Thahab attempted to shoot David, only to miss because he moved at the last second, hitting his mother, Gabrielle Haller instead. In response, David used one of his powers to vaporize Al-Thahab and President Adbi.[3]


Seemingly related to his equipment.


Arm Mounted Rifle: A firearm that seems to deploy from beneath the metal bands on Black Gold's right arm. It was capable of delivering a single lethal shot from a medium distance and was aided by a laser sight. What other capacities it might have held are unknown.

Allegedly an "indestructible technology warrior", Black Gold's short career was marred by constant failure, being unable to spot a rather apparent sniper before he had already fired and was taken down by another and failing to hit a target who was, for the most part, standing still at a relatively short distance before finally, being utterly destroyed in a blast that his armour, costing ten million in research and development, failed to stop even slightly.

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