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Al Milgrom

Al Milgrom (Earth-1218)

Real Name
Allen L. Milgrom
Al Milgrom;Allen Milgrom;A.L. Milgrom;Gemini

Marvel;Curtis Magazines;Epic;Archie Comics;Claypool Comics;DC Comics;Warren


Place of Birth
Detroit , Michigan , United States of America

Date of Birth

March 6, 1950

Personal History

He grew up in Detroit. He is a close friend of Jim Starlin, who helped him break into the business;the two have often collaborated.

Professional History

Milgrom is known for his 10-year run as editor of Marvel Fanfare;his long involvement as writer, penciler, and inker on Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man;his four-year tenure as West Coast Avengers penciller;and his long stint as the inker of X-Factor.

Milgrom was also nominated for the Shazam Award for Outstanding New Talent in 1974.

Milgrom came to prominence as a penciler on Captain Marvel from 1975 to 1977. He penciled the Guardians of the Galaxy feature in Marvel Presents, which was written by Steve Gerber and Roger Stern.

Work History

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Gemini is a signature used by Jim Starlin and Al Milgrom, primarily on covers.


Al Milgrom pencilled Secret Wars Vol II.

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