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Aladna is a unique world home to the Aladneans, characterized by its vibrant culture, distinctive customs, and a society deeply rooted in tradition. Located in a distant corner of the cosmos, Aladna boasts stunning landscapes, ranging from crystalline forests to sprawling cities adorned with intricate architecture. However, what truly sets Aladna apart is its adherence to the tradition of speaking in rhymes and song, a practice that permeates every aspect of daily life.


Aladna's history is rich with tradition, and its society is structured around a unique set of customs. One of the most notable practices was the tradition where women held the power to choose their mates, while men had little say in the matter. This tradition, although deeply ingrained, faced change with the ascension of Prince Yan to the throne. Prince Yan, who ascended to the throne after a period of regency, was determined to modernize Aladna's customs. As a child, he had been engaged to Lila Cheney, a visiting guest whose arrival briefly intertwined their fates. However, years later, when Lila returned to Aladna, the engagement became a focal point of contention as both parties were reluctant to proceed with the marriage.

The turning point in Aladna's societal evolution came when Captain Marvel visited the planet. Prince Yan sought her aid in disrupting the impending marriage ceremony, hoping to break free from the constraints of tradition. However, the celebration took an unexpected turn when Marlo, seeking to usurp Lila's place, challenged her to combat for the right to marry Yan. Captain Marvel intervened, fighting on behalf of Lila and emerging victorious, thus securing Lila's position as Yan's intended bride. In a bold move, Carol, now assuming the role of Yan's bride, granted him the freedom to choose his mate, marking a significant departure from Aladna's established customs.

To prevent any potential repercussions for Yan's decision, Tic, a devoted companion, volunteered to become Yan's wife, ensuring the stability of the kingdom. With Yan ascending to the throne, Aladna witnessed the dawn of a new era, marked by equality and progress as outdated customs were abolished.[1]

Alternate Realities[]

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)[]

Aladna from The Marvels (film) 001
During her interstellar travels, Captain Marvel befriended Prince Yan of Aladna. To assist him in a diplomatic crisis, she married him, briefly becoming Aladna's princess. Although revered by the matriarchal society, Carol's commitment was solely to aid her friend, so she continued her adventures afterward. Years later, Captain Marvel returned to Aladna with her allies Monica Rambeau and Kamala Khan, collectively known as the Marvels. They're warmly welcomed by the Aladneans. Carol, now in her Captain Marvel-themed ball gown, dances with Yan, warning him of an impending attack by the Kree Dar-Benn, who seeks to plunder Aladna's resources for her own planet, Hala. To prepare for battle, Yan equipped Carol and her friends with new suits. When Dar-Benn arrived and demanded submission, Yan refused, sparking a fierce battle. Despite their efforts, Dar-Benn opened an unstable Jump Point to drain Aladna's oceans. The Marvels fight valiantly, but are forced to retreat, leaving Yan and his forces to defend their planet alone. Carol, plagued by guilt, departs, unwilling to see another world suffer because of her actions.[2]


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