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Conquest of Champions

Peregrine was recruited by the Grandmaster for his Contest of Champions. He opposed Angel but was defeated.[2]

Silver Sable

Some time later, Peregrine encountered Silver Sable, who asked him to become her French operative. Le Peregrine completed several successful missions for Silver Sable International. He completed a mission alongside Hawkeye to recover a nuclear warhead.[3] He continued to work for Silver Sable and also worked independently as the national protector of France.[4]


When Kang decided to conquer the 21st century, he started his war in France. Le Peregrine, along with Micromax, the Avengers Hercules, She-Hulk, Firebird, and Thor and the armies of France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Italy, and others, stood against his armies.[5]

Civil War

Peregrine was one of the many mercenaries reluctantly hired by the French government to prevent more American unregistered heroes from illegally entering the country. He was supported by the French Armed Forces in his task. Significantly, he intercepted Raptor over the Bay of Biscay during a massive incursion of refugees.[6]

Death of His Wife

Recently, Scarlet Witch came to Paris to find Le Peregrine (or as called in France itself, Le Faucon Pèlerin) in severe depression over the death of his wife, Adele. While Alain was elsewhere trying to find perpetrators of attacks on Paris, Adele was out driving and got into an accident. Blaming himself for being unable to prevent her death, Alain had failed to take off since and even considered suicide. Scarlet Witch's efforts to let him meet Adele's spirit again almost pushed him to kill himself, believing he would be reunited with her on the other side. However, both the Scarlet Witch and Adele convinced Alain otherwise, and he took off once again.[1]


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Peregrine is an exceptional athlete and is skilled in the art of savate (kickboxing). He is a formidable aerial combatant.



Peregrine's flight-suit enables him to fly at roughly 130 miles per hour.

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