Alaisa Ruantha Pethnan was the Princess and Pethnan of Second Royal House of the Kharta'een empire who had the ability to weakly manipulate men into doing what she wanted. This led to her growing bored and sought out a starnge energy signal which turned out to be the Silver Surfer. She stumbled into a battle between the Silver Surfer and Reptyl which the Surfer asked her to leave because it wasn't safe. She refused and was captured by Reptyl and her guards killed when trying to rescue her. The Surfer saved her, but her interference and attempts to gain his affection allowed Reptyl to escape. She tried to win the affection of the Surfer he refused because he was no longer mortal and his heart belonged to another.[1]

Annoyed that he spurned her advances, she set out in order amplfy her powers and move beyond being a mortal being. She found a ritual to summon a "love deity" and after following t she summoned Mistress Love who granted her powers in exchange for being her Avatar, and would be called upon in the future to serve as desired. After being transformed she was greeted by Sire Hate who offered to amplify her powers but again in exchange for being her servant in the future as needed. Visually she did not change, but Sire Hate informed her his powers would stay hidden until they burst out. She tracked don the Surfer and tried to use her powers on him, but he again refused and she transformed into the Avatar of the union between love and hate. A short battle ensued but the Avatar was stunned long enough to allow the Surfer to leave with the Avatar vowing he wold be hers one day.[2]

Later, when the Surfer was hooked up to a virtual reality machine to explore his past on Zenn-La, the Avatar located and confronted him once again. Driven mad, she set about obtaining the Surfer, even if it meant just his corpse and a short battle ensued. Surfer was able to subdue her long enough to place her within the VR machine where she could be left to be with the Surfer forever. Before leaving he requested the machine's owner to ensue she stays within the machine forever.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Avatar had the ability to make men fall in love with her and obey her will, though some men were able to resist her influence. After being empowered by Mistress Love and Sire Hate, Avatar gained wings, enabling her to fly even in space. She was able to survive in the vacuum of space. Her strength and durability were also increased to superhuman levels, and she could fire blasts of energy.

Physical Strength

After her empowerment, Avatar's strength was superhuman, to an unknown degree.

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